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           IP for startups - selling dreams that become reality
                  through IP.

What we do

We are an IP firm. We draft patents and trademarks for startups, small businesses, and individuals.

You file a patent when you have a new invention or idea.

You file a trademark when you want to protect a name or word, a phrase or a logo of your product or service.

We draft a free trademark application when you hire us to draft a (utility) patent application.

Supercharge your IP with us because:

1) We know that by filing IP, your business becomes different. Our IP system is The Smart Wealth Blueprintâ„¢.

2) When you hire us to draft a (full blown) patent application, we will hire a drawing expert who will create a 3D model of one drawing of your invention.

3) You can see how your patent drawing will look in the real world. This service costs us money, but it is free for our clients.


We understand that every company and individual are different. We are not the boss of you and we cannot tell you what to do. Only you can decide what IP attorney to hire.

All you have is decision-making power to find the right IP attorney...

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Are you a person (or parent of a person) who has some type of disability?

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What people are saying about my patent drafting, patent work, and patent advice:

"Thank you for your amazing job with our patent application. It was a pleasure working with you and you made the process so easy!"  by Abby,  Inventor

"Andrew is a very knowledgeable patent attorney and was incredibly helpful in the filing of my provisional patent."   by Jeff,  Attorney

   "Andrew is extremely knowledgeable and very easy to work with. I had many questions about our idea and how to go about it. I was so pleased to work with him as he helped me navigate through the process. Highly recommend him!"    by Malu,  Inventor

Our partners have both worked at law firms. Our partners are:

1) Andrew Abramson, who was ranked #1 in his first year law school class, and

2) The other partner has a PhD from Brown. We can change the world, one idea at a time...

We give $20 to a different charity after every purchase.

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