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            We help our clients showcase their OWN value.

Everything you are doing to protect your business is necessary, but not sufficient.

You are missing one important thing - you MUST secure and protect intellectual property.

We provide patent and trademark services. FREE trademark application with a (utility) patent application.

Most IP firms charge $1000 - $2000 for a provisional. We ONLY charge $87.

Discover the Completely *NEW* IP Innovation - The Recognition Model Technique. No one offers this except us.

Details are on the services page...

Are you a person who has some type of disability? Email us about your situation (or your child's situation) and we can discuss (via email) if my team can work with you on filing a patent application and/or trademark application.

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What we do

You have 2 options: Buy the video course on IP and/or get a free e-book on Intellectual Property Fundamentals. The e-book is not the complete version. The complete version is for sale.

Let me buy the video course and/or give me FREE Instant Access to the E-Book

We can change the world, one idea at a time...

We give $20 to a different charity after every purchase.

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