Don't want your intellectual property (IP) to get copied, stolen, or knocked off? Then File IP With Us...

IP and tech with the Idea Architects.

Harmonizing your business goals with your IP strategy to draft patents and trademarks.

Choosing The Wrong Law Firm To File Your IP Can Hurt Your Business In Ways You Never Expected.

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Why Choose Us?

Patent Profiler is perfect for

Low-cost Online
Services Offering IP
Traditional Law
Patent Profiler
Charges a set price for every service provided
Does not have a page limit for the work
Does not bill by time spent on the work
Work drafted by partners and experienced attorneys, not junior attorneys and then checked by partners
Can ask any question on IP and get an answer by an IP expert
If you hire the firm to draft a utility patent application and are not satisfied, the firm will work with you to address and fix the problem. If you are still not satisfied, the firm will give you a refund and will hire and pay for a competitor to fix what the firm did.

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